Friday, December 29, 2017

the first pages of my old 24hour Comic day of 2013.
are uploaded for those who are curious

I played a bit around with the colors for this editon

you can find this new editor on Webtoon

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Untangle on Webtoons

Hi Im starting to place some test pages on webtoon. since im planning to place some stories as web comic on it.
so if you like to see how it looks and if it reads good on your device. than place fallow the link to WEBTOON: Prana The Journey of natsuki

Monday, October 13, 2014

Untangle BOOK's: The Choice

which two stories sounds the most interesting to you?

(1) Kiran and the sleeping sun
Kiran is a boy how don't like the cold and wants to wake up the sun. so it will be summer again

so watch his battle against the sun. with his sometimes silly attempts to do so. and there also that girl he is to shy to talk to. but he always seems to give a strange “first” impression to her.

so Kiran seems to have a lot of worries and troubles.
wille others in his environment seems to life in a worry free world.

Genres: adventure, comedy, romantic,

(2) The Team of three
Aman wakes up in a strange world and wonders around alone until he find two other children called Hong and Roy in this world makes no sense to him. Hong is happy and playful. but Roy he seems to be here for a long time. and seems know a lot of this place. were all the fun is but also the places to avoid. so together they go out for an adventure to explore this world.

Genres: action, adventure, mysterious, survival, drama,

(3) Mop the Pirate
is about a Pug Dog called Mop how loves Pirate adventure’s. so on one day he decided to become one him self. and explore the world and the sea's of course looking for some treasures wille bettering around a Pirate crew. and this all in secret for Cherry. how have found Mop at the beach and have taken care of her adventures dog ever since.

Genres: action, adventure, comedy, mysterious, survival, treasures and pirate's arrrr,

(4) Enzo
Enzo takes place in sovjet Ukraine were he works at the same place as Emma does. but he lives a second life that he is hiding for the CCCP. on a day at a military air show are there strange things taking place in this town. that will lead to the disappearance of the people involved. So it seems that Emma is the only one left to figure out whats happend.

Genres: action, supernatural, adventure, mysterious, science fiction, detective, survival,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Contour Roam2 Time Lapse drawing

(EN) I was really looking forward to the next 24Hour Comic Day. but it was not meant to be this year because of some distractive events.

but I did whanted to give it try yesterday at home alone.. not so fun I know…
but I had some really bad sleep the night before so it soon just became a Contour Time laps try out day. instead of a 24HCD.

wille I was doing this was I also giving the new layout templates a try. that I have made the night before. but it was not complete did I noticed wille filming. so I had some more measuring to do haha.

also do you see me copying from a manga? yes and no it was to look if the template would function well like this. so I used the lay out of a page of the manga Banya. but I used my one characters of a series im working on. so it maybe will give me some inspiration later when I see later this practice page.
because normally do I only make rough story boards or pages. never in the finals stages because the stories arent fully thought out jet so that didn’t make sense at the time.

technical specs about the movie it self.
Camera. Contour ROAM2
stil frames - 3 frames per second
rendered as a 15 frames per second time laps movie

(NL) ik dacht eerst van ik ga toch ook maar aan de 24HCD werken maar dan thuis.
maar ik had zo slecht geslapen haha egt niet normaal. Bo onze kat had even een paar vlooitjes achter gelaten in mijn bed dus ik heb heel de avond tevergeefs op ze zitten jagen..

maar ik dacht laat ik toch maar even die time laps beelden testen samen met een nieuwe mall die gemakt had voor de layout van de pagina's.

het lijkt trouwens of het te langzaam in gefilmd zo maar let maar eens op buiten en op de tijd haha ja ik werk zo langzaam haha.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Start of the blog update

It was really time for some chances on the blog in the way it looks. also did I made a start on the Story page. by including banners above al stores you get a bit more a impression about how it going to be just by looking at one page.

more updates about the stories it self later (after the 24 HCD 2014) because now my focus have chanced to the short stories.
will it not take tat longe before there is some real books ready to been read by people. yes... I know Finally ^^

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Free Manga Toner

I was looking a bit about for manga's tones more in a way to research a bit morse about it.
and found this 2 sites how had free digital textures to use. I don't know if it is really suable but is sure nice to look at it and let it inspire you to develop your one tones designs.

and the Psychobob site haves some links in the bottom with other links to manga stores and tips and things like that

Link to Shounenaigo, psychobob

Sunday, October 27, 2013

what I made on 24 Hour Comic Day Utrecht

(EN) it was my fist time go in to the 24 hour comic day. and I didn't make is in the time frame to finsh it all.
I did had a raw story board, characters " developed" , and of corse workt on the equal pages until I was getting so sleepy dat I could word zo well.

(NL) het was de eerste keer dat ik naar de the 24 hour comic day. en ik kreeg het verhaal niet af binnen de 24 uur. maar ik had wel het verhaal gestoryboard en characters gemaakt. en natuurlijk de pagina's gemaakt deels tot ik te veel aan vechten was met me zelf wakker houden.

Link to the English version (G+)
Link to de nederlandse verzie(G+)