Sunday, October 5, 2014

Contour Roam2 Time Lapse drawing

(EN) I was really looking forward to the next 24Hour Comic Day. but it was not meant to be this year because of some distractive events.

but I did whanted to give it try yesterday at home alone.. not so fun I know…
but I had some really bad sleep the night before so it soon just became a Contour Time laps try out day. instead of a 24HCD.

wille I was doing this was I also giving the new layout templates a try. that I have made the night before. but it was not complete did I noticed wille filming. so I had some more measuring to do haha.

also do you see me copying from a manga? yes and no it was to look if the template would function well like this. so I used the lay out of a page of the manga Banya. but I used my one characters of a series im working on. so it maybe will give me some inspiration later when I see later this practice page.
because normally do I only make rough story boards or pages. never in the finals stages because the stories arent fully thought out jet so that didn’t make sense at the time.

technical specs about the movie it self.
Camera. Contour ROAM2
stil frames - 3 frames per second
rendered as a 15 frames per second time laps movie

(NL) ik dacht eerst van ik ga toch ook maar aan de 24HCD werken maar dan thuis.
maar ik had zo slecht geslapen haha egt niet normaal. Bo onze kat had even een paar vlooitjes achter gelaten in mijn bed dus ik heb heel de avond tevergeefs op ze zitten jagen..

maar ik dacht laat ik toch maar even die time laps beelden testen samen met een nieuwe mall die gemakt had voor de layout van de pagina's.

het lijkt trouwens of het te langzaam in gefilmd zo maar let maar eens op buiten en op de tijd haha ja ik werk zo langzaam haha.