Because I got quite a lot of stores that Im working on some already more refined than others.
that I realized that probably will continue to grow so I will be better of the try to work on multiple series at the same time.
with out suffering on it the quality of the sorry or personal feel and mood of each story

Long series

Prana (entire story boarding almost complete) [30+/- BOOK's]
will be a manga that is in a time were the world lost his balance. And is noticeable true out the hole wold what gives a lot of conflicts about save land and resources. in this traitorous world you will fallow the life of Nikola Anna and Senka how try to find a save place. and in the same time they want to know more about the strange thing they got in common there vision of strance colored light in side everything around hem even in them selfs.

Genres: action, supernatural, spiritual, religious, warfare, adventure, mysterious, historical, science fiction, conflicting

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Bio Meganic (beginning stage of story boarding/writing)
...(girl with no name jet) always have dreamed to go to the city how is famous for there top engineers. since her grandpa told her his amazing stories about when she was young. but when she arrives there... does everything very different from her home town. and more importantly what happened to this place? and whats the deal with this city personal only signs?

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Realms (beginning stage of story boarding/writing)
is about a secretive group of scientist how travel true realms. but this will bring them in great danger not only because of this unknown worlds. but also because of the hidden motives for this secretive project.

the idea is to writhe 1 or 2 book's for one realm
Genres: action, supernatural, spiritual, adventure, mysterious, science fiction, horror,

DAX (in the middle of story boarding/writing)

Lion Star (out dated storyboard/writing)
was one of my first stories I was working on after studying. but at the time I felt it was a bit to big of a story to start of with
because it consist out of 3 time frames how were bound in this LionStar story. and now Prana is getting a pretty big story too. I do some times think I could have stick it with this one to be my first story haha.
but after al those years does the story line feel a bit simple minded and naive at some places. so that will need some rewriting.
after the current stores are finished were Im working on.

Short story projects

Originally made on the(24HCD 2013)is first part of called Enzo and Emma those strange days

will be re drawn/written and the series will continue under the name ENZO.
and will give you more depth in the events that are going on in the stories.

Genres: action, supernatural, adventure, mysterious, science fiction, detective, survival,

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this story is about a girl how believes she can fly.
because she just knows she can and on one day she will fly.
until she is soundly surrounded by a dark mysterious world.

Genres: supernatural, adventure, mysterious,

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Shonen storys (short stores)

The Team of three
Aman wakes up in a strange world and wonders around alone until he find two other children called Hong and Roy in this world makes no sense to him. Hong is happy and playful. but Roy he seems to be here for a long time. and seems know a lot of this place. were all the fun is but also the places to avoid. so together they go out for an adventure to explore this world.

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Guus de Reuzen Viking

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Mop the Pirate
is about a Pug Dog called Mop how loves Pirate adventure's so he dissident to become one him self. and explore the world and the sea's of course looking for some treasures wille bettering around a Pirate crew. and this all in secret for Cherry. how have found Mop at the beach and have taken care of here adventures dog ever since.

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Kiran and the sleeping sun
Kiran is a boy how don't like the cold and wants to wake up the sun. so it will be summer again

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